ADEM Coastal Office

and Lab

Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has two locations in Mobile. The Mobile Coastal Field Office and the Mobile Central Field Office (Lab). One of these locations is a rented facility and the other is no longer suitable for the needs of the users.


    • Location:  Mobile, AL
    • Project Size:  15,000 SF
    • Cost:  $11,000,000
    • Facility Type: Government
    • Owner: Alabama Dept. of Environmental Management
    • Services:  Electrical and Mechanical/Plumbing and Fire Protection  Engineer

This project combined the function of two locations into one building that was owned by ADEM and tailored to meet their current and future needs. This project also provided significant enhancements in energy efficiency compared to the agency’s current two locations.  Dell Consulting provided mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection design and construction administration services for the project.

Mechanical systems include a chiller plant with two 110-ton air-cooled chillers (one fully redundant) located on grade in an outdoor equipment yard. Each chiller includes multiple compressors configured with independent refrigeration circuits to optimize system redundancy.  Chilled water (CHW) is distributed to the outdoor chiller plant and indoor cooling coils at air handling units (AHUs) and fan coil units (FCUs) by redundant pumps (lead / standby) in a variable-primary flow configuration.

Heating hot water (HW) is generated by two 725 MBH gas-fired boilers (one fully redundant).  Boilers are high-efficiency, condensing type to maximize energy efficiency and minimize equipment footprint.  HW is distributed to the boilers and heating coils at FCUs and variable air volume (VAV) terminal units by redundant pumps (lead / standby) in a variable-primary flow configuration.

Air handling systems consist of four-pipe central station AHUs.  AHUs are fully-ducted and provide supply air to downstream VAV terminal units.  AHUs are equipped with UV lamps and bipolar ionization to limit bacteria and other VOCs, keep coils clean, and enhance indoor air quality.  Air filtration includes MERV 8 pre-filters and MERV 13 final filters.

A central lab exhaust system is provided with redundant variable speed fans and VAV terminal units.  Terminal units are provided to control variable fume hood exhaust, general exhaust, and snorkel exhaust systems.

All HVAC systems and equipment are monitored and controlled by a direct digital control and building automation system, which is integrated with ADEM’s facilities management system in Montgomery, Alabama.  Control sequences include supply air temperature control, humidity control, outside airflow control, zone temperature control, differential pressure control, and fan / pump speed control.

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