88th Medical Center

The Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) determined that the chilled water system, building envelope systems, and several interior medical spaces serving the 88 MDG had deteriorated to the point where the systems were no longer serviceable, reliable, and could compromise medical treatment to its patients.


    • Location:  Wright Patterson AFB, OH
    • Project Size: 16,000 SF
    • Cost:  $25,000,000
    • Facility Type: Healthcare
    • Owner: U.S. Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA)
    • Services:  Electrical and Mechanical/ Plumbing Engineer

The Government required a single “turn-key” performance-based project to replace building system controls, cooling towers, electrical service equipment, chiller plant, and to upgrade the chilled water system, service the 88 MDG Hospital to upgrade the purpose of this project was to extend the facility mission for another 15 years.  The first phase of the project included a study in which Dell Consulting investigated the facilities existing conditions, AFMSA’s program requirements, and applicable UFC’s.  Dell consolidated this information into a recommended design approach that met AFMSA and DOD design and construction standards while also planning for redundant critical systems (chilled water and electrical) capacity.  The recommendations included conceptual drawings, narratives of the proposed solution, estimates of the execution timeline of work, and a plan to minimize the adverse impact of the work on the occupants and their operation.

This project included mechanical renovations for 16,000 SF of the hospital’s main lobby, pharmacy, and pediatric suite. An existing single zone, variable volume air handling unit (AHU) and associated ductwork serving the main lobby was replaced with new. An existing multi-zone, dual-duct, variable volume AHU was modified at the zone level to accommodate the converted pediatric suite. Dual duct air terminal units, low-pressure ductwork, and air devices were replaced with new ones. A new dedicated multi-zone, variable volume rooftop AHU and air terminal units with heating hot water coils were provided for tighter control of the renovated pharmacy. New fume hoods, lab exhaust fans, critical environment diffusers with HEPA filters, and airflow monitoring systems were provided in the hazardous mixing rooms of the pharmacy. The mechanical scope also included major modifications to the hospital’s central energy plant (CEP). Three (3) cooling towers and three (3) failing 4,160V chillers were replaced with new. The chillers were arranged in an N+1 redundancy configuration. Special consideration for phasing was provided to replace the 1,500-ton chillers and cooling towers while always maintaining the N+1 redundancy of the chilled water plant. The chilled and condenser water pumps, drives, and portions of the CEP hydronic piping were replaced. New direct digital controls were provided and integrated with the existing building automation system to remotely monitor and control mechanical systems.

A new 4,000A Main-Tie-Tie-Main switchgear was provided to serve the new chillers and cooling towers. The remaining central energy plant equipment was re-fed from a new Main-Tie-Main motor control center. The new electrical distribution system was designed to allow for downtime for maintenance of any piece of equipment without impacting hospital operations. All work in the CEP was performed without impacting the operation of the hospital.

All designs, system modifications, and installation of new equipment and materials were implemented to improve operations, reduce ongoing costs, increase reliability, provide for ease of maintenance, and extend the operational life of the system.

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