Sustainable Design

Dell Consulting has extensive experience with sustainable project planning, design, and construction to optimize building performance and achieve green building certification (i.e. LEED®, Green Globes). The process is initiated by a meeting with the design team to discuss project goals, select a green building rating system, review associated scorecard and requirements, and explore opportunities to achieve points required for the target certification level. We strive to implement best practices for selecting site boundary, evaluating building orientation and envelope, and assessing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

The Dell team has a thorough understanding of building system designs that incorporate alternative energy and energy conservation technologies.  Energy modeling is a required element for various green building certification programs.  To this end, we routinely perform energy modeling to evaluate opportunities to increase energy efficiency.  Most importantly, Dell Consulting engineers can advise you on how to maximize energy conservation benefits on your sustainable design project, giving you the opportunity to meet green building certification requirements while optimizing life cycle costs.

Upon completion of the project, building systems are commissioned to test, document, and adjust system performance to ensure operation in accordance with the design intent.  Dell Consulting includes engineers who are certified in commissioning of HVAC, building automation, plumbing, electrical power, and lighting controls systems.

Through a comprehensive understanding of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, Dell incorporates a wide range of energy conservation technologies including the following:

Energy modeling to evaluate system alternatives for optimal life cycle performance:

  • Minimizing water use and reusing wastewater/gray water
  • Daylighting to enhance the indoor environment and to reduce electric light energy
  • Incorporating renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics and wind energy
  • Documenting facility energy use and occupant comfort through measurement and verification
  • Tracking performance trends to maintain optimum system performance throughout the life of the facility
  • Formal commissioning to confirm that systems are performing in accordance with the design intent and to verify maintainability of systems – for both new and existing buildings

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