Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Annex Data Center

Montgomery, AL | $19,000,000

The Defense Information System Agency (DISA) inhabits a satellite facility at Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex. This facility, referred to as the Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC), required added electrical backup power capacity to support current and future missions. The facility is a Computer Data Center, defined as mission critical, with no allowance for termination of services.

The intent of the project was the replacement of the high maintenance rotary UPS System (3-1.8MW units) which had proven to require unacceptable time and expense to keep the system at 100% capability.

In addition the DECC continues to grow in capacity. As the capacity grows, and equipment numbers increase, the “Conditioned power Load” would have outgrown the existing backup power system. A new main-tie-main medium voltage distribution/control system was provided with generator backup (N+1). Both the utility and generator medium voltage switchgear was designed to all full maintenance without having to shut the equipment down. Redundant generator controls were also provided to avoid a single point of failure. The new UPS system was designed as modular distributed (2N) redundant (3 MW). The initial UPS capacity will be 2 MW upgradable to 3 MW without any system outages. The new computer room air conditioners and humidifiers are designed to be 2N redundant with dual-path chilled water piping. The upgrade effectively doubles the facility electrical capacity and all construction will be phased to avoid impacting DECC operations.